Surveillance Systems

Home security is important regardless of where you live. Burglary strikes without notice and can leave you and your family devastated. While you can protect some of your possessions with insurance, some valuables and keepsakes can’t be replaced. One of the smartest things a homeowner can do is to protect their house with the latest technology. Sophisticated systems mean you can live with more peace of mind than ever.

If you’re stubborn enough to think the baseball bat next to your bed is going to keep your family safe, think again! Maybe you have a firearm, or even a security system installed. While we do advocate you also utilize security systems, video surveillance is an extremely important safeguard for your home. Every form of home security has their own benefits, but how does surveillance come into play?

The obvious benefit of video surveillance is being able to identify criminals. Even if their face is hidden, their height, build, or other distinguishing factors can help in catching them. But the beauty of surveillance cameras and security systems is the fact that having them deters burglars in the first place! Some studies show a staggering 300% reduction in burglaries at homes equipped with surveillance systems. This means a burglar isn’t going to even take their chances robbing you if they see there’s a better chance of them getting caught.

But video surveillance isn’t just protection against home invasion; having record of what happens inside and out of your home can be useful for an infinite amount of situations. These range from keeping your children safe to making sure someone doesn’t snag your Amazon deliveries off your doorstep.

Like security systems, video surveillance should be professionally installed to get the most out of it, and to make sure everything is functioning properly. The experts at The Sights & Sounds Company are equipped to secure your home with the latest surveillance technology. Contact us today!